Watch: Adobe Made An Interactive, High Tech Dress That Changes Patterns

#ProjectPrimrose interactive dress at Adobe MAX Sneaks 2023 - YouTube screencap

Is this Adobe dress the future of fashion? As an aspiring minimalist, it might very well be for me, since this high tech dress can change patterns and could replace an entire wardrobe of elegant wear.

Adobe, the company behind the famous photoshop, unveiled a high-tech couture dress called “Primrose” which looks like a regular cocktail dress, perhaps a vintage Paco Rabanne creation. That is, until you press the remote, at which point this dress simply steals the show.

As you can see in the video about Project Primrose, the Adobe dress is made out of a fabric that “comes to life” thanks to tech, in the designer’s own words.

Researcher Christine Dierk designed the dress alongside her Adobe team and personally stitched it together.

“Fashion has always been a place where consumers and designers alike can express their creativity,” she said on stage, before explaining how this project could enable anyone to design and iterate as easily as an artist does it in Adobe Illustrator.

As she speaks, her interactive dress subtly changes from offwhite to silvery, then starts displaying multiple patterns. The transition is so seamless, it’s hard to realize something is happening but, once you see it, you’ll be amazed.

#ProjectPrimrose interactive dress at Adobe MAX Sneaks 2023 - YouTube screencap

Dierk controls the dress via a button but the garment is fitted with sensors that also allow it to respond and change patterns with movement, kind of like high-tech sequins.

“Project Primrose, displayed at MAX as an interactive dress, makes this possible with wearable and flexible, non-emissive textiles which allow an entire surface to display content created with Adobe Firefly, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Illustrator. Designers can layer this technology into clothing, furniture, and other surfaces to unlock infinite style possibilities — such as the ability to download and wear the latest design from a favorite designer,” wrote Adobe in the YouTube video description.

Right now, Project Primrose is just a demo but hopefully we will see it becoming a reality. Could it be an antidote to the overconsumption of fast fashion driven by giants like Inditex and Shein? It could, one day.

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