Loewe SS23 Collection Brings A $2,500 Hoodie to Look Like You Just Stepped Out of Minecraft 

loewe pixel ss23 collection

Loewe’s new collection is a love letter to the pixelated past but the price tag is enough to give you heartache.

The new Loewe Pixel collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week in October, showing models that seemed to have just stepped out of Minecraft.

No doubt about it, the pixelated clothes look absolutely amazing, featuring some optical illusions that will appeal to any geek and/or fashion enthusiast.

Still, since we’re talking about Loewe, the Pixel collection isn’t exactly affordable.

The Loewe pixel hoodie, for example, retails for $2,500, the same as the pants. How much for a Loewe Pixel T-shirt? That’ll be $1,850.

One of the cheapest Loewe items in the collection is also coincidentally the most subtle: a $790 denim mini-skirt with a pixelated pattern on it. It looks like any regular distressed denim skirt from a distance, but up-close it does have a certain Mario-appeal.

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Of course, for sneakerheads and fans of limited drops, Loewe’s SS23 Pixel collection might not seem all that expensive, especially the Loewe hoodie. After all, ASAP Rocky’s already been spotted rocking it. 

Personally, I’m still rocking a $30 3D ramen hoodie whenever I want to add some geeky spice to an outfit.

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