Two Florida Men Scammed Uber Eats Out of More Than $1 Million

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What’s stronger than Florida Man? In this case, two of them.

Two Florida men are accused of what could reasonably be called an impressive achievement: getting more than $1 million out of Uber Eats.

The two Florida Man ran a scam over 19 months that saw Uber Eats, the popular delivery service, lose more than a million dollars.

How did the scam work? According to MSN, it’s yet another prepaid cards scam, although it’s incredible the two could run it for so long… especially since they hit the same area over and over again.

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From the report:

“The suspects carried out the scheme — which began in January 2022 — by creating fake accounts on the Uber Eats app to act as both the customer and courier when placing grocery orders, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. This worked because Uber Eats provides couriers with prepaid cards they can use to purchase up to $700 to complete customers’ orders.”

Once they had those accounts and prepaid cards in hand, they would show up for their fake grocery store orders, then cancel them, then buy gift cards in the store.

Operating around Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the two hit 27 different Walgreens in the region.

Now, they face charges of organized scheme to defraud and grand theft.

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