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Elon Musk Is Working On His Own Version Of Hyperloop

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After using his smarts to launch Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company, is it really a surprise that Elon Musk is ready to start a new project? Because the successful entrepreneur is not just developing hyperloop tunnels, he’s decided to work on his version of a pod, too #automagic

After receiving verbal approval to build a hyperloop tunnel between New York and Washington, DC, the Boring Company is excited to turn Musk’ dream in reality. Four years ago, Elon imagined a long-distance, high-speed transportation system that takes passengers or cargo from one point to another at 700 mph (1127 kmph). He called it a hyperloop, a pod that could move in a near-vaccum tunnel fast enough to get from New York to Washington in about 30 minutes.

Back then, he encouraged other developers to take his idea and improve it further. Which is what a couple of companies did, including Hyperloop One (whose July speed test you heard about) and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (that’s targeting Slovakia and Indonesia). Now, it seems that Elon Musk is ready to throw its hat into the ring.

To Wired’s question on whom might build the pod that would travel through the b Musk answered unequivocally “the Boring Company.” Earlier this week, a spokesperson for Boring Company added that “for long-distance routes in straight lines, such as NY to DC, it will make sense to use pressurized pods in a depressurized tunnel to allow speeds up to approximately 600+ mph (aka Hyperloop).”

Now, his involvement (and influence) in this area might put the startups’ work in danger (as Elon Musk is nothing if not a worthy competitor) but it will also help speed things up. He is definitely the most likely of all hyperloop developers to attain the approvals needed to make this high-speed transportation system happen.

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