Las Vegas Strip Now Has An eSports Arena

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eSports and video gaming has grown more popular over the last several years, with Twitch and other streaming sites benefitting from video game streamers. Even the Las Vegas Strip, famous for its upscale casino hotels, is changing with the times and now has an eSports Arena, giving the eSports community an enormous venue to play and watch today’s hottest video games.

The arena, dedicated to professional gaming athletes and spectators alike, just opened its doors after years of efforts. A joint venture from companies KongZhong and Ourgame International iRena, Allied eSports wants to expand and build 10 eSports arenas in the next few years, bringing to the West what South Korea has been enjoying for a decade now.

The first project of this type, the Las Vegas eSports Arena offers an impressive 30,000 square foot space with its own production studio, a huge 50 feet LED TV wall, and both PC gaming and console stations. Even better, there’s a free area dedicated to retro games and two Virtuix Omni machines that offer virtual reality (VR) gaming.

Casual and non-gamers can also enjoy the eSports arena buy either purchasing an all-you-can-play gaming pass or enjoying a gaming-themed menu signed by chef José Andrés. There’s also an Overwatch Arena run by game developer Blizzard just next-door.

Allied eSports is also set to open another eSports arena next month in downtown Oakland, CA.

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