The Quotes Watch Inspires And Motivates
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The Quotes Watch Inspires And Motivates

Smartwatches have become part and parcel of the 21st Century. While some watches specialize in measuring heart rate or receiving email notifications, What? Watch’s newly unveiled Quotes Watch is unique in that it makes your day better with little bits of inspiration.

The startup company’s new Quotes Watch is a watch that shows a steady stream of Eat, Pray, Love-style quotes designed to motivate, amuse, or reaffirm you. Through a dedicated app, users can customize what and how quotes are displayed by selecting from quote categories, intervals they refresh at, fonts the quotes appear in, and more. Additionally, users can write their own quotes to provide an even more personal experience. All of this appears on an e-Ink screen, reducing eye-strain inherent in LCDs.

For those who prefer notifications rather than quotes on their watch, Quotes Watch allows this functionality as well. Friends and family who have the mobile app installed and have you on their friends list will be able to send alerts directly to your watch. Quotes Watch owners can also subscribe to their favorite Twitter users to receive updates and notifications.

Currently sold on Kickstarter starting at $92 for early backers, it comes in five colors and a final price tag of $159. Shipping is set for this October.

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