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What’s the first thing companies do when they want to recruit people? Besides using all the traditional channels, they’re going to go online, posting the job offering on Social Media channels, probably starting with LinkedIn. Well, in 2014, 65% of recruiters and 83% of job seekers were active on Facebook . Shocking, right? With the number of Facebook active accounts just increasing every day,  it’s no wonder Zuckerberg’s company has decided to test a new feature that allows employers to recruit directly through their business page #softwaremagic

Instead of just posting a status update with requirements and links, recruiters could soon take advantage of a Jobs feature that is being tested as we speak.  The Jobs tab and status option allows a Page to share a job form with details like job title, working hours and salary. This can be boosted to have a bigger reach or targeted through campaigns to reach only those who already have matching job descriptions in their Facebook profile.

People can apply through special buttons added to the application and skip a part of the formalities since the feature should be smart enough to include things like previous jobs, date of birth, picture and so on. Even if ads don’t reach the potential job seeker, people can still actively seek a job opening at the company of their liking by entering a dedicated landing page (the Jobs tab).

If the feature becomes public and permanent, the applications will go directly to the Page’s Messages. Not the best of ideas, granted, since these can be easily lost in the sea of customer complaints, but so far nothing’s set in stone.

Facebook’s big audience could make this feature a success, but will it be enough to drive HR people away from LinkedIn?

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