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Year after year, robots are getting smarter, more effective and some would say even more dependable than people. That makes them ideal employees for companies that rely on automation. Manufacturers are already replacing humans with machines, reassigning the first to more creative and complex positions as routine tasks can be carried out by our synthetic friends. Could a robot take your job in the future?

Designers and developers Dimitar Raykov and Mubashar Iqbal are aware of the progresses made in robotics. Moreover, they understand those questions are legit.

So, they made a website that could provide an approximate answer. “Will robots take my job?” is like one of those personality tests you can take online: mildly true and really amusing.

All you have to do to find out if your career could take a bad turn one day is fill in the blanks with your position or another of your choice and let the program do the rest. If you are looking for a job, check Jooble!

The answers are based on automation research and statistics from the Bureau of Labor. They are specific to the US market but should provide an interesting view on jobs in many ever-growing international markets.

From what we could tell, software developers carry a very low risk of being replaced some day (4.2%), while a technical writer or a statistical assistant is almost certain to lose its job to robots.

If you’re curious to find where you stand, go here. The site offers other interesting data too, like how many people are employed in a given field and position or how will those jobs evolve until 2024.

Looking for a job? Check Jooble first!

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