POW Audio Makes a Splash with Una [First Impressions]

For many, music is central to a memorable experience. Whether at home with family, lounging with friends or out exploring, a great song can elevate the moment. Because of this, portable speakers have grown in popularity. Based on a mission to bring quality sound and a portable system to match our increasingly mobile lifestyles, POW Audio introduced its latest innovation, the Una, at CES 2020.

Labeled the expandable, floatable, portable speaker, the Una is aimed at the adventurer who needs a robust speaker system to match any condition. Unlike water-resistant speakers, the Una was developed specifically with water activities in mind. With its Lily Float attachment and splash-proof design, the Una can be used on the water without worrying about sinking or breaking.

Additionally, thanks to POW Audio’s patented Wavebloom Audio Expansion Technology, the Una has a lower chamber that expands and condenses. This not only saves space for taking it on the go, but also provides loud, resonant sound. Particular to the Una, the Wavebloom Technology supposedly lets music be heard underwater as well as above.

From our initial tests on the show floor, you could tell that sound was one of the first thing on POW Audio’s mind. We actually had trouble finding their booth initially, but then we heard a big booming sound and knew we were close by. The sound was overwhelming, in a good way. Although audiophiles might notice the Una doesn’t cover the extreme low end, it has an audio range covering basically the entire spectrum of human hearing capabilities.

Floating within a small case of water, Una’s water-proof design seemed to stand the splash tests we were able to perform. The music was still powerful on and off the water, and even with the occasional splash, the system continued to pump out impressive audio and float on top of the water.

While the Una made waves, winning a CES 2020 Innovations Award Honoree, POW Audio’s 2020 – the Una Ultra and the Biz – uses the same Wavebloom technology to maximize portability and sound quality. For those on the go, POW Audio may bring an audio system fit for your needs.

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