Ford and McDonalds Working Together to Turn Coffee Bean Husks Into Car Parts

Thanks to pressure from climate change activists and increased social awareness, more and more companies are investing in sustainability.

The latest to join the push towards more sustainable materials and processes?

Food giant McDonalds and automaker Ford, who plan to get very creative with some materials.

Ford will soon start using coffee bean husks from McDonalds to create auto parts like interior and exterior components, headlamp housings and so on.

This is just the latest effort from Ford, who already uses tree and soy cellulose to only recyclable or renewable plastics for their cars.

Their research team now observed that coffee husks can be added to plastic pellets to create durable parts with 25 percent energy savings in the molding process.

That waste produced by coffee during the roasting process it not only a green alternative to plastic, it also lets Ford manufacture components that are up to 20 percent lighter and have “significantly better” heat properties than existing materials.

As for McDonalds, the company produces 62 million pounds of husks in just the US alone, which so far has been used for coal and mulch production.

This video introducing the project probably won’t show up in Seinfeld’s Netflix series but the sustainability push definitely deserves to be watched.

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