Learn How Driver Monitoring Systems Work In Two Minutes

fotonation driver monitoring systems

Everyone’s talking about driver monitoring systems nowadays, but how do they work exactly? If you’ve been asking yourself the same question, it’s time you got a simple answer. This short and to the point video will set things straight #automagic

Texas Instruments has released a video featuring FotoNation technology that explains step by step how driver monitoring systems work. Their goal is to determine whether the driver is distracted or not and to act in consequence.

So, the driver just hopped in the car and started the engine. FotoNation’s biometric authentication system kicks in and the driver is identified using iris recognition technology. Now, FotoNation’s DMS, powered by TDA SoC, can track the driver throughout the ride thanks to the vehicle’s cameras.

When the system notices changes in the head or eye positioning, it sends an audible and visible alert. Say the driver closed its eyes, dozing off;  the warning will wake him up. If he looked sideways instead of keeping his gaze on the road, it will alert him and, in combination with a collision avoidance system, maneuver the car so he is in no immediate danger:

Not so complicated anymore, right? This magic is possible thanks to the company’s expertise in face detection, recognition and tracking, as well as accurate eye and iris tracking. Plus, the Object Detection Engine recognizes pedestrian and other objects around the car that can become a problem on the road or during parking.

What about night conditions? Well, FotoNation’s DMS system works under all lighting conditions and on multiple types of driver facial images, even when partially obscured (e.g. when wearing sunglasses). Neat, right?

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