Foxconn Takes Extreme Measures To Make Sure iPhone 12 Is Ready In Time

Foxconn Takes Extreme Measures To Make Sure iPhone 12 Is Ready In Time

Image: CNBC

During these times, we are all trying to do our part and stay at home, trying to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. With the whole world looking forward to life going back to normal, China is starting to recover from the outbreak. Travel restrictions are slowly lifted inside the country and companies are resuming work.

The Chinese government announced mandatory measures to make sure that the coronavirus outbreak will not continue. Face masks have to be supplied to employees and regular temperature checks have to be performed on workers. Also, employees have to open the windows at least 3 times a day for half an hour and cannot sit face to face at lunch.

Apple supplier Foxconn is taking things further and imposes strict rules on its workers, as 9to5Mac reports. The company has separated its workers into teams of 20 that are supposed to stick together – eat together, work, travel, live together.

In Foxconn cafeterias, employees have to scan a QR code on their chairs to report to the company where everyone is sitting for meals. Also, in factory dorms workers have to leave coats and bags for disinfection. This is one of the world’s strictest coronavirus precaution policies. 

Foxconn wants to make sure iPhone 12 production isn’t disrupted by another outbreak, and the release of the device isn’t delayed any further.

Other Chinese companies that resumed work imposed severe rules in the workplace. Reportedly, Huawei issued a 73-page document with instructions for the prevention of the coronavirus spread.

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