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France Created A Tech Visa For Talented Investors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs


If you love the tech world and want to be part of it, the French government is giving you a special chance. France’s Minister of State for Digital Affairs Axelle Lemaire has talked about a Tech Visa, an upgrade to the Tech Ticket programme launched in 2015 #todaymagic

Engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for a job or a location to start their business can apply for a faster visa in France. Instead of going through the grueling, traditional process of getting a visa, they can opt for a talent visa, as Lemaire detailed for Tech Crunch.

The French Tech Ticket was a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build a business in France with the help of a small grant. Now, the Tech Visa offers similar opportunities to other talented folk. Engineers, designers and people with technical skills will be able to apply to a job from a list of  “100+ leading French startups.” If they pass the interview, their moving to France is a given.

Entrepreneurs have the options of the Tech Ticket, plus partnerships and startup competitions to participate in. Depending on the results, they might just get the visa. Investors and other tech companies can get a visa if they apply for a Passeport Talent, which is given to technical and scientific geniuses, basically. Besides this, investors will be able to work in France if they already work for a French venture capital firm or a French office of a VC firm.

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France Created A Tech Visa For Talented Investors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs
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