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From Camera Obscura to Smartphone Cameras: How It All Came To Be, in 5 Minutes

Photographers learn something new every day, as more digital cameras come fresh from the oven, new lenses become available and post-processing software receives updates. It’s hard to keep up with modern photography software if you’re planning to go a bit back in time, where everything started and understand what happened behind the curtains. No wonder that few of us really know how  still cameras came to be or even how we got to this point, where we use smartphone cameras daily. The above video, though, solves a part of the mistery.

In order to learn photography history you would need time and many, many resources so this 5 minute video from COOPH does not attempt to do that. Rather, it’s trying to draw a timeline of the most important discoveries in the field of photography (including the origins of the name).

Prepare your pen and paper (or tablet) to take notes about camera obscura, sensible substances under light, heliography, the first photo ever taken and even the initial form of Photoshop in 1861.


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