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As the end of year approaches, you’ll see grid posts pop up on Instagram. They’re a collection of the most popular Instagram posts published by one account during the year. The #bestnine photo grid has gone viral in 2015 and doesn’t show signs of stopping. As you can imagine, there’s an automatic method of getting the grid done – no one is stitching it manually. Here’s how to see your top 9 posts in 2017 #softwaremagic

The automatic generation and collage-making of your nine best posts is done through an app. Go to the official website of 2017bestnine on your desktop browser (or mobile one) and simply type in your Instagram handle (alternatively, you can type another account name of your choice, if you’re interested in somebody else’s social media metrics). Wait a while and then you should see the collage “magically”appear!

What’s interesting is that its creators, Yusuke Matsumara and Mai Sekiguchi, did not intend to make their app a tool to assess your year’s achievements. At first, they wanted to turn it into a dating app. “Nine is designed to make matches between people focusing more on their personality and inner beauty rather than appearance or status,” Matsumara used to say.

The 2015BestNine was actually nothing more than a campaign to draw attention to their real, first goal. It ended up being a instant hit, with more than 15 million people creating collages, including top influencers like Kourtney Kardashian. Only 130,000 expressed interest in the “match-making service” bound to launch the following year. In the end though, both sides let the idea rest and now the website is only alive to show a person’s Instagram achievements. Those hearts received aren’t as valuable as the real thing, but it’s still something right?!

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