Gita Bot Is An Oversized Backpack That Follows You Around

piaggio gita cargo bot backpack

More often than not, the commute is a nightmare. Not just because of the morning traffic, but of the load you have to carry with you to work, day in, day out. Many of us take at least four gadgets along, besides the optional lunch, agendas and other essentials. So, it would be great if we could pass that load to someone else or better said, something else. Gita is an autonomous cargo bot from Piaggio, ready to carry all of our stuff #objectmagic

Piaggio’s start-up, Fast Forward, has come up with a robot-cart where you can store all your necessities or buys on the go. The machine can move thanks to its wheels, either following you around or going on a track in a mapped space. Since it’s not static, you can take it to work or to a shopping spree without worrying how you will carry the extra weight home.

By the way, Gita is sturdy enough to support up to 40 pounds, has an 8 hour battery life and can reach up to 22mph. Plus, it’s equipped with a biometric system for increased security. A combination of fingerprint authentication and password make it nearly impossible to break in.

In the next couple of months, Piaggio intends to run several tests with Gita in campuses across U.S. The company envisions Gita as a great help for people handling maintenance, gardening and other physically-demanding jobs.

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