Instagram Rumored To Allow Picture Galleries For Regular Users

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On Instagram, businesses, celebrities and advertisers get to test premium features first. That’s why we still can’t add direct links to our pictures, using the same, old “link in bio” description. Now, though, it seems that Instagram is throwing us a bone making picture galleries available for regular users #mobilemagic

Currently, only advertisers can post a carousel of images with link towards an offer. The rest of us is left to make a collage of several or publish pictures one after the other with a reasonable amount of time in-between. Either way, photos lose relevance until publishing or quality after being shrinked to go in a template.

Now, one user says Instagram is testing picture galleries for users in the Android app. It’s becomes very buggy after a couple of tries but The Verge confirmed that the feature is definitely real.

Upon longpressing a photo, the app asks you to upload up to 10 photos and videos and then apply filters if you wish; the same one can go on all or you can choose a special filter for each photo. Followers will then pe able to explore every item from the gallery and like them individually.

Unfortunately, there’s no information about the date when the feature will go live.

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