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GoPro Puts Karma Back On Sale, After Loses of $373 Million

GoPro financial plans for 2016 have gone haywire since recalling their first commercial drone, Karma. The company has lost $373 million in 2016, after their recent fourth quarter earnings. Now, GoPro intends to make up for loses with the re-launch of the drone and the new Hero 6 series #actionmagic

Although GoPro managed to pull of the last quarter respectably, their annual revenues didn’t meet at all their projections. GoPro rounded up $1.185 billion, that’s $200 million less than their February projections and nowhere near the amount reached in 2015.  This led to lay-offs, closing of departments and a loss of credibility on the market.

The makers of Hero action cameras are not discouraged by the loses, though. They have finally put together a system latch that will prevent weak battery connections and will keep the drone in mid-air. Karma drone is going to sell for $799 without a camera or $1099 with the Hero 5 Black. GoPro says that the drone will be available on International markets in Spring.

As for the future of action cameras, don’t fret – Hero 6 cameras are on their way!

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GoPro Puts Karma Back On Sale, After Loses of $373 Million
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