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Researches Discovered How To Control And Program Cells

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The day when people are going to be able to control and program humans is near. Researchers have just discovered how to manipulate biological cells #todaymagic

Scientists from the University of Maryland have just published a paper that explains how biological cells can be controlled or programmed to behave in a certain way. It all comes down to an electrogenetic “switching” system inside bacterial cells. By applying voltage to it, a person can give them new functions, enabling them to do unnatural things.

For example, researchers managed to make bacterial cells light up when they switched on the system or move forward. Upon switching it off, they stopped moving.

programmable cells

While this sounds terrifying in theory (to be able to control a cell at your will), scientists believe positive things can come out of it. A wearable, for example, could be made to deliver drugs through the skin to the target organ.

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