Astronaut Forgets Most Important Item Before Spacewalk

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Being an astronaut requires a certain level of discipline, training, conditioning, and build. This doesn’t mean that astronauts can’t make mistakes or forget to take the keys to the Moon Buggy, but cases like these are rare and far between. Case in point, in 2018, on May 16, about an hour into ISS Expedition 55 U.S. EVA #50, astronaut Drew Feustel sees a puzzling message on his GoPro camera. From here, hilarity ensues.

To be honest, the incident is no laughing matter, especially when you think about how much astronauts train to walk just a few minutes in space. Having a keepsake or something to immortalize the moment you walk into space has been a time-honored tradition among astronauts. With the advent of digital cameras and portable recording devices, taking a GoPro with you, if you go into space, is a no brainer.

On the other hand, Drew Feustel only proves Murphy’s Law: anything you try to fix will take longer and cost you more than you thought. Feustel had some ‘technical difficulties’ with his GoPro during the spacewalk, the screen of the video recorder flashed a message every time the astronaut pushed the record button. The message: NO SD!

From here, Feustel asked CAPCOM Butch Wilmore in Houston what it means and a team of highly trained technical experts was assembled to diagnose the problem. All this over an ‘NO SD’ message on a GoPro screen.

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