Give Your Phone Extra Camera Powers With Ztylus Four Lenses Case


Flagship phones come with pretty good cameras nowadays, boasting performant sensors and higher number of megapixels each day for tight, safe cropping and gorgeous print displays on the walls. If you’re not the kind to grab the latest, most expensive smartphone on the market as soon as it comes out, you can always buy a pair of lens attachments. Ztylus’ Revolver 4 in 1 is one of our favorites, since it packs so much #fotomagic

Yeah, you can always get a macro/fish eye/wide-angle lens at the mall for $10, but you won’t get crispy images even if they prove compatible with your case or protection foil. These four babies are meant to be worn with a Ztylus case and keeps your screen protection untouched. Once you attach the round support on the back, you can flip out every lens – quick and easy.


More importantly though, is the quality of the lenses. Ztylus says they used “high grade optical glass that is meticulously and painstakingly ground and polished” for 4 lenses, not 3. Yes, you get the fish eye, wide-angle and 10x macro lens but also a CPL (circular polarizer) that cuts glare and reflections. If you’re frequently annoyed by such things or simply want to get some saturated, contrasting skies, order it from here for $69.95.

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