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Google Chrome Labs Launches Squoosh, An Open Source Tool Perfect for Web Images

One of the biggest events hosted by Google, the Chrome Dev Summit 2018, ended its first day with the launch of, an open source tool that’s going to be very useful for online publishing.

A browser-based image optimization tool with its source code freely available on GitHub, Squoosh does one thing and does it well: quickly turns big images into web-ready photos, fully optimized.

Big online publishers and bloggers alike can simply install the Squoosh extension and, after the first load, the app can run offline using Chrome’s resources.

Squoosh open source

Just drag and drop any big image and Squoosh will resize, compress and reformat it so that it loads quickly on any website. You can work with PNGs or JPG or even lesser known formats like MozJPEG and WebP. Because of the nifty slider feature, you can do a 1:1 comparison to see which format keeps the best image quality at the smallest possible size.

Squoosh works best on Chrome but it works with all major web browsers, including their mobile versions.

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