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Google To Deliver Search Results Relevant To Your Location

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After noticing that 1 out of 5 searches are related to location, Google has decided to deliver search results relevant to the users’ country, by default #softwaremagic

Until now, you were able to tap into Google results pertinent to one area or region with a change of domain. You could go from to or, with an insistent tap of keys. Once done, you’d get information tailored for the area correspondent to the domain. Now, Google wants to ditch that option, leaving users with one pesky alternative.

To change locations and therefore, get different Google results, you have to go to the Setting menu from the bottom of There, you need to access Search Settings and choose the region you’re thinking of from the opened menu. It’s a drag, we know but Google believes this change is a good idea for those of you who travel a lot.

Once you’re in another corner of the world and you decide to look for rentals, restaurants and sightseeing spots, this feature is going to be pretty convenient. It will automatically show information relevant to your destination, rather than your home country. Once you’re back home, the switch will happen naturally.

You’ll notice it occurring to mobile as well as desktop searches and in the native app for iOS and Google Maps.

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