Google Grasshopper Teaches Javascript Free of Charge

Google Grasshopper Teaches Javascript Free of Charge

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For many, learning to code is daunting and difficult. With the ubiquity of software needs in almost any profession, like creating a website, those who don’t know how to code have had to turn to expensive online courses to learn how to code. Instead, Google has offered an alternative with Google Grasshopper, teaching you how to code straight from your phone.

Coming out of Area 120, a workshop for Google teams and their most experimental products, Grasshopper is an extremely user-friendly coding academy of sorts. Through various puzzles, mini-quizzes, and guided coding exercises, the app turns the learning process into a game. Currently, it teaches Javascript, the coding language useful in writing and creating websites.

The idea sparked so much interest that, in three days since it went online, over 100,000 people have installed it on their smartphones.

If you want to try it out, Google Grasshopper is available for both Android and iOS users. Just head over to Play Store or App Store to download it today.

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