Google Maps Tells You Where You Can Find Free Parking Spots

google maps parking space

So far, Google Maps was great at finding fast routes and predicting time of arrival, but it didn’t take into account how much time a driver would lose while searching for a free parking spot. That changed recently, though, as Google trained its app to tell users where they could find available parking spaces #automagic

A new Google Maps update is allowing the app to tell users how difficult is it going to be to find a free parking spot. Drivers from 25 cities outside of US will know in advance if there are free parking spaces close to their destination or not. By using machine learning and past parking data, the app can predict how easily will drivers find a parking slot.

The new feature will show a parking button and the level of difficulty to find a place: from limited (for busy areas), to medium and easy. The new cities where the feature will roll out are:  Alicante, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Cologne, Darmstadt, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Manchester, Malaga, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, Prague, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Toronto, Valencia.

If you don’t see it working in your Google Maps yet, just update the app. This week, Google is rolling out the feature for both Android and iOS so you should be getting it sooner than later.

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