Google Messages Just Added 'Schedule Message' Feature

Google Messages Just Added ‘Schedule Message’ Feature

Lately, the Google Messages app has been pretty active in coming up with updates meant to make users’ experience easier and helpful. Recently, it came up with a feature that helps categorize your conversations to diminish clutter and is now bringing a way to schedule your messages.

According to XDA reports, Twitter user Sai Reddy has noticed that Google is operating the option to schedule texts in Android’s Messages.

This would provide Google Messages users with the option of scheduling the messages they want to send, without the need for a third-party app. The new feature could be very helpful for those who like to plan and better organize their work or personal errands.

How can you take advantage of it? To schedule messages you just need to follow a few simple steps:

1.Press and hold the Send button to reach the new “Schedule message” option. 

2.Tap to open a pop-up window with the preset schedules: “Later today, 6:00 pm”, “Later tonight, 9:00 pm”, or “Tomorrow, 8:00 am”.

If the presets are not right for you, select a custom date and time by tapping on the fourth option and choose your own timing.

3. Tap on the Save button to set the schedule. 

Scheduled messages will be displayed in the chat with a clock icon next to them and can be opened up for eventual updates. You also have the option to send it right away or delete it.

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Google Messages Just Added ‘Schedule Message’ Feature
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