Hackers Spread Malware on Asus Computers Through Company's Own Auto-Updater

Hackers Spread Malware on Asus Computers Through Company’s Own Auto-Updater

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Security researchers from Kaspersky Lab announced that thousands of Asus computers were infected with malicious software through Asus’ own online automatic update service.

The researchers detected the infection on 57,000 computers that were using their Kaspersky Antivirus software. Based on that number, they speculate that this particular malware could have reached 1 million computers in 2018, when the attack began.

Other researchers from security software makers Symantec confirmed that they found these malicious updates in 13,000 of their customers’ computers.

According to the security experts, the hackers put together a sophisticated, targeted espionage operation. They compromised Asus Live Update Utility, a so-called supply-chain attack, to spread a malware that was designed to create a “backdoor” for even more targeted attacks.

Around 50 percent of the Asus computers affected were located in Russia, Germany and France. Less than 5 percent of them were in the US.

Dubbed the ShadowHammer Cyberattack, the incident was confirmed by Asus, though the company claims that only “several hundred” devices were affected.

Asus said that the vulnerability in question was eliminated.

If you own an Asus laptop or device, you can check if your device was compromised by using this Kaspersky-provided tool.

Simply input your MAC address and the website will show you if there is cause for concern.

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