Valve Teases VR, Named Valve Index

Valve Teases VR, Named Valve Index

Valve, a video game developer and most known for its digital game distribution platform Steam, surprisingly dropped a tease of their much anticipated VR system. Named Valve Index, the announcement came Friday through a teaser site.

According the info, the Valve Index will likely be released May this year. However, the site was pretty barebones after that.

Based on investigative reporting from The Verge, there are some specs that can be surmised from the picture. Below is the list of specs the site believes is in the Valve Index:

  • Wide angle cameras (either two or four) and will likely have “inside-out tracking” so users won’t need external cameras to track position and movement
  • Adjustment slider to accommodate for eyes set wider or narrower than average

Of note, the Valve Index has been made independent of their VR partner, HTC. Additionally, this could be used with Valve’s “knuckle” controllers to create a full immersive experience.

Either way, everyone will have to wait until May for more information about Valve Index and, hopefully, other related VR products.

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