Leaked Photos Suggest That Valve Is Working On Its Own VR Headset

Leaked Photos Suggest That Valve Is Working On Its Own VR Headset


The images in question first appeared on imgur and hint at the fact that the company is currently working on their very own VR headsets.

Valve had partnered up with HTC and released the Vive back in 2016 and then the Vive Pro this year so they’re not novices when it comes to the tech. Besides, Valve had never been shy of admitting they want to dive deeper into VR.

The leaked headsets have 2 visible cameras and integrated headphones, along with a back padding that looks very similar to the one we can find on the Valve Knuckles controller prototypes and the lenses look much bigger than the ones we can find on the HTC Vive, which might mean that this headset will offer a wider field of view.

So far, we have zero context on the headset – while it might be an actual internal prototype in its beta phase or just a reference design remains a mystery. But we can speculate that Valve might want to launch it alongside its Knuckles controllers sometime next year, making them a direct competitor for the “Rift S” headset that Oculus is planning.

Either way, we’ll keep you posted as the story develops.

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