YouTube VR Finally Available On the Oculus Go

YouTube VR Finally Available On the Oculus Go


YouTube is, arguably the most content-rich platform that brings us immersive VR videos at the moment and it has now finally arrived on the Oculus Go.

While a lot of people expected VR to be used for gaming, surprisingly, a lot of users turned out to be using it for media consumption instead, using it to watch Netflix and Hulu.

With all that in mind, it was just a matter of time before Oculus adjusted to the situation and brought us the partnership we currently have on our hands.

The app supports 360-degree videos and standard videos in a VR theater and comes along with other features where, for example, the users can watch videos with other friends who are wearing the headset. Another option allows you to project what you see onto mobile devices and TVs as well.

The app will be available via the Oculus Store starting today but we’re also curious to find out if the app will also be available on the upcoming Oculus Quest headset which promises microSD card support as well as night and low-power modes.

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