Knuckles Valve Controller Comes With Individual Finger Tracking

valve vr knuckles

VR controllers are starting to be as important as headsets. The obvious next step in the development of virtual reality products is to make them more adaptable and in that way, really immerse you, the user, in that environment. Startups are already crowdfunding finger tracking controllers, but for a bit more control, you’ll want to check out Valve’s new individual tracking controller #realitymagic

Called “Knuckles”, the new prototype is currently shipped only to developers. Besides allowing users to interact with objects in a straightforward manner, it enables individual finger tracking. That means you’ll be able to grab, throw and point at things in VR. Each finger can be moved in an arc, curled or whatever other motion you want to do, just like in real life.

valve knuckles

The device itself is designed to fit perfectly the hands of the user. It features a soft adjustable strap with an attached cord so it will stay put at all times. Finger tracking is done with multiple capacitive sensors, bringing more freedom of movement to users.

To pair the Knuckles, Valve adds that you need a Vive Headset (or extra wireless receivers, like from the Vive Trackers). But when will you get the chance to do just that, as a VR enthusiast, not a developer? That’s everybody’s guess right now.


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