Heatworks Kettle Heats or Cools Water As It's Being Poured

Heatworks Kettle Heats or Cools Water As It’s Being Poured


We all have stories about kettles and teapots that were never quite the right temperature, that boiled over and so forth. Most of these mistakes happened due to our own carelessness but Heatworks has something in mind that might just make these mistakes obsolete: the Duo carafe.

The carafe will either heat up cold water to a desired temperature or chill it, according to the needs of the drinker. If you want a cup of hot tea, you’ll have it just by pouring water into the carafe and then pouring it from the Duo into the tea cup.

The tech behind it is quite straightforward and it works very much in the same way a microwave oven would. The Ohmic Array Technology uses graphite electrodes that pass electricity directly through the water which affects the minerals in the water which, in turn, increase the temperature.


The water will not get any hotter than desired and the entire tech is stored within the lid.

For now, the company expects pre-orders to start as late as 2020 and they haven’t said a word about pricing yet but it’s probably not going to be chap.

Even so, if you don’t have the patience to wait for your average coffee or tea kettle to boil to whatever temperature it feels like boiling, it might just be worth the price.

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