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Hive Hub 360 Is A Stylish Hub That Detects Sounds

Smart home solutions company Hive has announced a new wireless hub called the Hive Hub 360. Replacing the older lineup of Hive Hubs, the Hive Hub 360 will not only connect the Hive lineup of smart home devices together, but also offer 360-degree audio detection.

The artificial intelligence (AI) technology embedded in the Hive Hub 360 allows it to hear and respond to sounds around the home. The tech created by Audio Analytic can currently recognize a dog barking, a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, windows or doors breaking, but we expect more daily sounds will soon be recognized by the AI tech.

“The sense of hearing is essential in the AI world, as it enables devices to understand context, which is the ability of the device to identify different sounds from the environment and understand whether an action needs to be taken or not,” explains Francisco Jeronimo, research director at IDC.

Once registering the noises, the Hive Hub 360 will send a notification to your phone. This seamless communication will allow Hive users to keep track and be updated on the household happenings, even when they are not there.

This smart hub can be placed anywhere in your home and will connect via WiFi to Hive Actions, an in-app control center of sorts,  to seamlessly control your joined devices. For example, you can control the Hive View smart camera (video above).

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