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New Ikea Smart Home Sensors Are Coming Soon  – Price, Features, Availability

Three new smart home Ikea sensors were just announced and, if you’re looking to automate your home on a budget, they’re a great deal as usual.

The new Ikea sensors, the Vallhorn, the Parasoll and the Badring, will be available at prices around $1. They will offer motion detection, window and door movement detection and water leakage detection. Scroll on to see their features and prices, though it’s worth noting that so far we only have the prices for Ikea Europe.

Ikea Vallhorn price, specs and compatibility

The Ikea Vallhorn Motion sensor will probably be the best-selling one of the line-up, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors and has an IP44 rain protection.

The Vallhorn needs three AAA batteries to work and can be paired with up to 10 Ikea smart bulbs. Priced at just €7.99, it’s a great way to automate lighting in your home.

The Vallhorn will launch in the US and a few countries in January.

Ikea Vallhorn alternative right now

If you want to buy a motion sensor at Ikea and don’t want to wait for the Vallhorn, the existing Ikea Trådfri motion sensor is an option, though it is almost twice the price, retailing for $14.99, and less capable, being recommended only for indoor use and needing more frequent battery replacements.

If you want to get an affordable motion sensor and aren’t committed to having the Ikea tag on it, Amazon is full of options.

We recommend this one though be warned, it’s more than twice the price of Ikea’s. Still, the Aotec motion sensor uses a quick tilt magnetic ball mount to capture motion up to 15 feet with 120 degree view range, so nothing will move near your home without your notice.

A more affordable option would be this contact sensor, which gets under $15 per unit if you buy a two-pack.

Ikea Parasoll price, specs and compatibility

The Ikea Parasoll window and door sensor is another tempting new Ikea gadget, retailing for €9.99. You can add it to your existing Ikea ecosystem or you can pair it right out of the box with an Ikea light bulb, no hub required.

Notably, the Ikea Parasoll is not compatible with the Trådfri Home smart gateways, as they’re older. What you want to get is the new Ikea Dirigera hub, which works with all the newer sensors and smart home products.

Even though it was announced now, the Ikea Parasoll will be available only in Europe starting with January 2024. Unfortunately, it will reach US shelves much later, in April, so, if you’re in a rush, these Ikea Parasoll alternatives might help.

Ikea Parasoll alternative right now

Nothing is quite as cheap as what Ikea announced but, if you hunt for deals, you might get lucky. This contact sensor frequently hovers around the $10 and has great reviews. Still, we recommend this Zigbee door and window sensor – it’s a little bit pricier but we’ve used the brand in the past and had no complaints about the quality.

Ikea Badring price, specs and compatibility

And lastly, the Ikea Badring water sensor. 

Unfortunately, just like the Parasoll, the Ikea Badring is also not compatible with Tradfri Home smart gateways. It is compatible with the Dirigera, of course.

What can it do? The Ikea Badring water sensor comes fitted with a 60 decibel siren that will shriek once it detects a leak. Of course, it can also send a notification in the Ikea Home app if you have the Ikea Dirigera hub.

The Ikea Badring will cost €9.99 and will launch the latest of all the announced products – April in some countries, July in the US.

Ikea Badring alternative right now

If you simply can’t wait until then, here is a reliable Zigbee-based water sensor you can order right now on Amazon. It is twice the price of the one Ikea announced but, if your laundry machine is acting up, this is better than dealing with the cost of water damage.

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