HTC Desire 20 Pro, Soon To Arrive

HTC Desire 20 Pro, Soon To Arrive


So far, HTC’s smartphones have not been successful, but the company’s VR headsets have managed to keep the profit afloat. Now, HTC has created a smartphone fit for the 2020 smartphone market competition and is finally ready to launch it.

The HTC Desire 20 Pro has been teased for a long time and is finally revealed in a week, as the company posted a save-the-date teaser on its Facebook page mentioning June 16, 2020, and an image of the smartphone that matches the leaks.

Image: HTC

However, there is not much of a surprise the smartphone will run on a Snapdragon 665, with 6GB of RAM, and will integrate a punch-hole display and some cameras on the back. The flagship will ship with Android 10, being HTC’s first phone to come with this version of the OS. 

Unfortunately, we have no information regarding the smartphone’s price and availability, but most likely it will be limited.

Other rumors point out to the fact that the company is planning to release a 5G phone later this year, as we’ve previously reported.

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