IKEA Taiwan Uses Animal Crossing to Recreate 2021 Catalogue


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Animal Crossing continues to hold global cultural significance months after Animal Crossing: New Horizons released. Given its popularity, it’s not surprise to hear that IKEA has used the Animal Crossing world to recreate their 2021 catalogue.

As reported by The Verge, IKEA Taiwan has recreated as close as possible the catalogue for next year’s products. Both furniture, models (characters), and layout of the magazine match as closely as possible.

A screenshot of one of many Animal Crossing remakes of the IKEA catalogue. PC: IKEA

Given the limited furniture items and poses the Animal Crossing avatars can be in, IKEA Taiwan had to take some creative liberties. However, the final results look as close to the original as I imagine could be possible! Considering that furniture items generally appear randomly in the game, it’s also impressive that whoever made the images had enough items to replicate the vastness of the original catalogue itself.

As The Verge notes, IKEA isn’t the only brand that has used Animal Crossing in order to promote their items in a consumer friendly yet popular space. It’s unclear if Nintendo is also in on this, but they probably aren’t upset at the free publicity the game receives.

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