Instagram Turns Into Snapchat Copycat After Introducing Face Filters

instagram stories face filters

Snapchat or Instagram? This question used to prompt long talks over which social network is better and which one you should choose. But now, it seems that the differences between the two are so blurred, they’re practically nonexistent. Instagram, at least, has just put the finishing touch on its plan to copy Snapchat. The social media channel announced Face Filters, their version of Snapchat’s augmented reality selfie filters. #softwaremagic

The eight filters are integrated in Stories and allow users to create 24-hour selfies where they can accessorize with koala ears, crowns or cool glasses, among others. Unlike the ones found on Snapchat, these are less about face sculpting and more about accessorizing like an adult (at least a part of them). You can use them in a Direct message also.

Besides Face Filters, Instagram is bringing an eraser tool, rewind mode and hashtag stickers to its app. The first tool is good when you want remove drawings added on top of an image. You can use it to create more creative Stories by revealing only parts of the picture. Rewind mode allows you to play a video backwards, from end to start, while the hashtag stickers work like those that you can add to show the location. These stickers are clickable as well, so they can open a library of media associated with them. 

Instagram’s new features debut today for iOS and Android users. Something tells me Instaddicts will find little incentive to switch to Snapchat now, since the app’s last original functions have been copied almost perfectly.

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