Instagram Co-Watching Feature Lets You Talk to Friends While Scrolling

Instagram Co-Watching Feature Lets You Talk to Friends While Scrolling

instagram co watching feature video chats

Miss hanging out with your friends and started tagging them in hundreds of memes on the regular?

Facebook caught on to the trend and released a new Instagram feature that lets you video chat with your friends while scrolling through the app.

Instagram Co-Watching lets you join friends for a scroll sesh by tapping the video chat icon in either Direct inbox or a Direct thread.

Then, you can tap the photo icon in the bottom left of the app and talk to friends while scrolling through Instagram’s feed or saved and liked photos and videos.

Using Zoom or Teams to hang out with friends during self-isolation is, let’s be honest, kind of annoying, so it makes sense that Facebook stepped in to fill that gap!

Furthermore, the Instagram app also tries to tackle fake news related to the new coronavirus.

If you search terms related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the app will direct you to verified accounts like the World Health Organization.

instagram covid 19 features

You probably noticed already, but there is also a new sticker to remind people to stay home.

If you get too lonely, there’s always Tinder and the new feature to help you cope during isolation.

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