Instagram's New Dashboard Tells You How Much Time You're Wasting On The App

Instagram’s New Dashboard Tells You How Much Time You’re Wasting on the App

Mara Anton

Instagram has started to roll out “Your Activity” feature, which allows the users to set time limits for how long they spend on the app as well as mute push notifications.

You can access the feature through the hamburger icon at the top right corner of your profile. You’ll be able to see how much time you spent on the app over the week as well as get estimates for your average on the daily.

If you decide to set a time limit for the app, Instagram will alert you when you’ve reached it via a notification.

The app comes at a time when a number of such platforms have slowly started taking measures against ‘social media addiction’ and all the symptoms that come with it, following studies that have found correlations between social media and depression.

Unfortunately, the app will only deliver a notification and nothing more and we’re not sure how useful that will be in fighting your Instagram addiction. The app will not become inaccessible in any way so it will still be up to you to ignore the notification or actually put the phone down and go out for a walk.

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