No more Phones or Tablets: Mojo Vision Wants To Make Invisible Computing A Reality


Mojo Vision, an augmented reality startup founded in Saratoga, California, has announced that it has officially reached $50 million in funding, enough to go out into the world and bring us something that will change the way we interact with information.

You might have not heard about Mojo Vision, even if the company was founded in 2015, but what is important is that they’re developing what is dubbed as an ‘invisible computing’ AR platform that wants to “deliver the kind of immediate, powerful and relevant information people personally expect from technology, but without the frequent intrusion of today’s mobile devices“.

At the moment, the company is not too open about what exactly their technology involves but we do know that we’re talking about a sort of a hands-free device that will, in theory, make our phones and tablets obsolete.

It’s definitely the time to get excited about it. The company is currently boasting a team that has previously worked for Google, Amazon, HP and Apple, so you can expect interesting things to come our way.

The technology will most likely take years to materialize, if their intention is to minimize AR headsets into something more akin to glasses or perhaps even contact lenses, but if it means I won’t have to reach for my phone or laptop ever again, count me in.

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