Instagram Lite: The Tiny Version of Instagram Launches on Google Play

Instagram Lite: The Tiny Version of Instagram Launches on Google Play

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Today, without any previous announcements and no fuss, Instagram launched the “Instagram Lite” for Android on the Google Play App Store.

The new app is basically a lightweight version of the original one – it is only 1/55th (573 Kilobytes), of the size of the standard Instagram app, which is 30 Megabytes. This way, people who have limited data or storage space on their device can also use it.

With this smaller version, Instagram has made it a goal to reach more users  in developing worlds, who might not have access to high internet speeds or who use older phones.


Credit: Instagram Lite on Google Play Store 

In order to run it, users will need a smartphone that can run Android 5.0 or above.

The smaller app contains the same features, stories, filters and access to the feed but what it does not have – for now at least – is the messaging function and access to the newly unveiled IGTV feature.

This app comes following the trail of Facebook’s similar app launched back in 2015 – the Facebook Lite, and, if it proves successful, soon enough other messaging apps might look into launching their own lightweight versions.



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