Instagram Is Testing Reposting Feature


Instagram is finally giving its users what they’ve been waiting since its inception: native reposting. All things point to a new feature addition to the social media platform in the form of a regram button #mobilemagic

Instagram may have given us the option to save posts, archive old ones and create Stories using media taken or saved to the camera roll a long time ago, but they have neglected one important feature: reposting. Users are still forced to save media seen on other Instagram accounts and re-share it afterwards from their own account or to install third-party apps that can do that. In the latter case, the process is longer and more convoluted than you’d expect.

Naturally, the idea of a native Regram button is more than appealing. It seems that finally developers are acknowledging that and testing it, as The New Web observed:

If you haven’t seen this button before, don’t fret; Instagram tends to test possible features with selected audiences, refraining from rolling them out globally. That said, this button might become more than a rumor soon, given the way it could improve the entire user experience.

Other rumors surrounding future Instagram features? The possibility to add GIFs into InstaStories, follow hashtags not just people and share directly to WhatsApp.  Plus, developers might also expand on the Archive option, letting Instagram users save their own Stories in such a private folder online.

Last but not least, direct messaging might include more than one person soon enough. If you want to share posts with several friends on Instagram, you might be able to do it by adding them in a closest friends sort of group instead of forwarding the post to each of them individually.

All of that, though, is subject to change. We’ll make sure to give you a heads up once the features roll out for everyone.


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