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Intelligent and Entertaining: The Lenovo Smart Display

Credit: Lenovo

The Lenovo Smart Display looks pretty neat to begin with: it sports a white color, comes with either an 8 or 10 inch touchscreen display and a nice, curved bamboo on the back.

Some have called it a Google Home with a screen, but it proves to be a bit more than that. At $200 to $250, it’s a bit more expensive than the standard Google Home, first of all.

It hosts a Snapdragon 624 with 2Gb of RAM and 4GB of storage, to hand out some specs. You can prop the device either upright or in a landscape position and the only difference between the 8 and 10 inch model is the material on the back. The 10 inch variant has bamboo, while its smaller sibling, a soft material.

There are a couple of buttons on the device as well but it is mostly designed to be voice-controlled.

Touchscreen control allows you to navigate the home screen and the device will show you the weather, a calendar, suggestions from YouTube or Spotify and whole bunch of other stuff. It also comes with a light/ occupancy sensor embedded in it and at night the display will dim a little and show the time. If it senses motion, the display goes back to the screensaver of your choice.

Speaking of the screen, the 8 inch Smart Display variant has a 1280 x 800 HD IPS panel and the 10 inch one a 1920 x 1200 FHD IPS screen. It has a front-facing 5MP camera and Lenovo has added a switch to it that not only turns it off but also activates a physical cover to go over the lens.

Credit: Lenovo / YouTube 

The device runs on Android Things, a new Google system which the company has built from the ground up for the Google Assistant. The Assistant is the powerhouse on the Lenovo Smart Display and it’s the same one you’re using on your phone already, so if you do decide to purchase one, it shouldn’t take too long to get used to it.

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