Alexa and Cortana Integration Now Available As Public Preview

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft and Amazon are finally integrating their notorious digital assistants this week. A preview was offered during Microsoft Build to both Cortana and Alexa users in the U.S. Each digital assistant can summon the other, hence access the additional apps and services they come with. The integration was announced last year and now Microsoft and Amazon are eager to get feedback before the integration is sent out to all devices.

It is pretty basic at the moment, just so you know – you will have to summon each assistant separately on the different devices and they will both be enabled as a skill on each of the platforms. You can, for example, access Alexa on any Windows 10 device via Cortana in order to access smart home integrations.

Do not expect Alexa to read an audiobook for you on a Windows 10 PC though and neither will Cortana play music on the Echo.


Alexa and Cortana demo at the Microsoft Build 2018

Microsoft / YouTube 

The companies promise that the integration will get better via feedback, which the engineers will use in order to improve the experience.

For the time being, there is no information as to when the Alexa-Cortana partnership will become available outside the United States or in other languages.

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