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iPhone 7, Blamed For Setting Car On Fire

iPhone 7 explodes

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scandal may have blown over, but that doesn’t mean phone owners are safe. A new iPhone burst into flames and set a surfer’s car on fire recently.

Matt Jones says he was returning from a surf lesson when he discovered his car completely destroyed by fire. The interior of the car was pure ash and his only guess so far as to what could have caused it is his phone. He said he left his brand new iPhone 7 under his pair of pants before leaving the car. Now, the phone is a mess.


Apple is investigating the incident to see if the smartphone’s batteries started to fire or something else. Lithium batteries can overheat if counterfeit tech is used to charge it but Jones says he didn’t do anything to it, not even drop it since the moment of purchase.

Let’s hope this is an isolated incident. Otherwise, it might put the US company in the same rough spot as Samsung.

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