iPhone 8 To Break Records With Huge 512GB Internal Storage

iphone 8 concept shipping october storage

Apple intends to pull out all the stops this September. That means launching an irresistible iPhone 8… with a ridiculous internal storage: 512GB (because we all need plenty of space for pics and videos) #mobilemagic

A recent leak from China showcased the storage chip reserved for iPhone 8, made by Sandisk. This, as well as the 256GB one, will be manufactured by said company and Toshiba. But Apple didn’t stop there; the Cupertino giant will launch a third option, an iPhone with a whooping 512Gb unit handled by Samsung and Hynix.

How about that? If last year, the tech titan gave in to user pleads and ditched the 16GB iPhones in favor of 32GB base models, this year they’re taking it a step further. If you think about it, Apple seems to have doubled the storage space from the iPhone 7 lineup.

Some of you will say that it’s a move they should have made years ago (and we agree) but hey, at least now they seem to have realized the need to keep more than a couple of things on device. Plus, as we’re all moving in an AR/VR era, it’s clear we need as much storage space as possible.

That said, nothing was confirmed by the company so take the news with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, even if they do upgrade the internal storage, that won’t imply a bigger RAM, too. Apple is sticking with 3GB of RAM and the A11 processor.  

Until September arrives, stay tuned for more info regarding iPhone 8!

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