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iPhone X Ray Vision is The Coolest Smartphone Look Around

ifixit wallpaper

Looking to personalize your brand new iPhone X? You’ve probably started with a case already, but a wallpaper is just as important. We already talked that a darker one, maybe even entirely black, can save up battery but if you want a cooler vibe, one that will trick your friends at first look, this x-ray vision one is worth checking out #mobilemagic

iFixit is the responsible for the latest industrial mobile wallpaper. They appreciate the hardware Apple equips every device with, so showing it off only comes natural. That’s why they didn’t waste time in creating iPhone X wallpapers – front and back – that give the illusion of seeing right through the glass, directly at the handset’s hardware.

It’s not the first time they’ve done this. iFixit has been working on iPhone x-ray wallpapers from the 5 series, but the new edge-to-edge display makes these bunch look even more realistic. From afar, you could probably trick your buddies into thinking they’re actually looking at the stripped version of Apple’s Anniversary phone.

To get one for yourself, you don’t have to struggle to much. In fact, you simply have to download them from their site and set them as your wallpaper like usual. Both “Still” and “Perspective” work, according to iFixit, but they recommend “Still”.

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