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Free Artificial Intelligence Chooses And Summarizes Relevant Research Articles

Got a thesis to complete? Sifting through hundreds of articles without hope? Where a human’s power to sort isn’t big enough, a machine can help. A start-up realized that sooner than others and came up with Iris AI, an artificial intelligence program that summarizes research articles so you don’t have to #machinemagic

As Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO & Co-Founder at Iris AI, puts it “Iris AI is your Science assistant” doing the hard work for you. Instead of reading every single sentence from a lengthy research paper without knowing if you’ll use half of it in the end, Iris AI can highlight the relevant facts. To do is, you have to follow a couple of easy steps.

First, you enter the URL from the research paper you’re interested in. The AI (fondly called “she” by Brede) reads it, puts aside key concepts and gives you back the relevant data from “more than 30M Open Access papers”. From that point on, you can download the paper or use it again to make a new map.

According to the founder, this artificial intelligence program is not only simple but very efficient: “research teams using Iris more than double their productivity – their identification of key papers and their understanding of the problem space – compared to existing tools”. Best of all? It’s completely free. Check it out here.

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Free Artificial Intelligence Chooses And Summarizes Relevant Research Articles
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