Former Apple Employees’ RearVision Camera Looks Like A License Plate Frame

RearVision Frame

Three former Apple engineers founded a start-up that develops smart car accessories for those vehicles that haven’t caught up with the times. Their first product to order as of now is RearVision, a rear-view camera system #automagic

Start-up Pearl has thought of a stylish, easy to install system for older cars. Indeed, it takes the form of a quick-to-attach license plate frame where two HD cameras hide. By connecting the physical device with an iOS or Android smartphone app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you get visuals from the back of your vehicle, day and night. Thus, when backing up your car, you will get a 180-degree rear-view field of vision.

RearVision Frame

The license plate frame doesn’t take up any more of your power, thanks to solar panels installed. After you attach it, you’ll notice the screw keeping everything together has a peculiar, hexagonal shape. That’s how it was intended, as an extra measure against thieves.

During the day, your camera will work until you catch speed and get on the highway, alerting you with different sounds if you’re at a risk of crashing into an object. After sunset, you’ll still see pretty clear your surroundings, since it comes with a custom Night Mode. You can pan up and down withing the app at any time.

RearVision camera system includes a dongle that has to be plugged in the car diagnostic port, a phone and vent mount. For the vent mount, there are also magnets to keep the phone safe.

Pearl founders said that the app will get more updates by the end of the year, selling now for $500 on their website.

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