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MemoMi Mirror Helps You Try On Clothes, Without Taking Them Off

Neiman Marcus is one of the first retailers to give up the doors from the fitting rooms and move them to the middle of the store, in plain sight. No, they’ve not gone mad, exposing their customers, it’s just that a smart mirror has made the whole changing-outfits chore obsolete. MemoMi lets clients try on an unlimited number of clothes without taking them off #objectmagic

Equipped with Intel’s Core i7 with Iris GPU and HD cameras, the mirror reveals a 360-degree view of the outfit you’re trying on or a comparison of two outfits you’re most inclined to buy. By simply using gestures or the mobile app, you can make the MemoryMirror™ change colors of clothes, try on different patterns, add accessories and more in real time, while they’re on you.

This whole while, you can also record the fitting session for your blog or just to consult your friends on what to buy. Sharing is simple thanks to the app. Plus, you can put aside the items you want before leaving MemoMi to make sure no one else buys them before.

Would you rely on such a device for purchasing or is the classic fitting the ultimate test?

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